who we are

SimplyCycle is an officially licensed Spinning® studio in Morristown, NJ. 

Our indoor cycling classes are geared toward a broad audience of all skill levels. Whether you're at the very beginning of your fitness journey or an experienced athlete, you'll fit in here. Come ride with us and enjoy the countless calorie-burning, muscle-toning, and mood-improving benefits of our favorite exercise.

why we're different

Indoor cycling is our passion, and our sole focus is bringing you the best ride possible. We deliver fun, creative, engaging classes with only safe and effective movements. You can challenge yourself here, but there's no need to feel intimidated; you can just as easily go at your own pace anytime. If you've ever had a bad experience with indoor cycling, let us show you what it's really all about.

get to know us

Learn where to park, meet our staff, check out the FAQ, and see what's happening on our blog!