I’m new (or it’s been a while!) -- will I be able to handle it?

If you have a health condition, are pregnant, or have any concerns about your physical health at all, always check with your doctor before taking any group exercise class. If you are otherwise healthy, but new to fitness -- don’t worry! In Spin class you are always 100% in control of how hard you work. Need a break? Back off the resistance and go at your own pace at any time. Whenever you’re starting a new type of exercise, you should always be patient with yourself and ease into it. In fact, your only goal for the first few classes should be getting acquainted with the bike.


Please arrive 15-20 minutes before your first class so we can assist you with bike set up.

Is bike set up really that important?

Yes, and we are excited to help you with it! Proper bike set up (adjusting seat height and fore/aft settings, tightening all pop-pins, securing sneaker cages, etc.) is CRUCIAL to enjoying and getting the most out of your ride. It’s also necessary to avoid injury. If it’s your first time at SimplyCycle, please let our staff assist you. Even if it’s not your first time, please ask our staff if you have any questions at all or want someone to double check your settings.

How tall do I need to be?

Our bikes typically accommodate riders from 4’10” to 6’10.”


What should I bring / wear?

We provide a towel to each rider. Please bring the following:

  • Plenty of water (if your forget yours, we have bottles for sale).

  • Athletic sneakers with stiff soles, or cycling shoes if you have them.

  • Comfortable athletic clothing. Shorts or tights are best. Athletic pants can be okay if they are tight around the ankle (as to not get caught in the bike’s moving parts).


Do I need cycling shoes? Do you supply them?

You do NOT need cycling shoes to attend class. Athletic sneakers with stiff soles will suffice. However, cycling shoes do make the ride much more comfortable (and more efficient). Unfortunately we do not supply or sell cycling shoes, but they are a worthy investment if you come to class regularly. Click here for the Spinning® guide to cycling shoes/cleats and please feel free to ask our staff about them!


I have cycling shoes. What type of cleats are compatible with your pedals?

Our pedals accommodate SPD® cleats.


Where should I park?

Click here to learn more about parking at SimplyCycle.


What are your late arrival / cancellation policies?

If you arrive more than 5 minutes after the start of class, you will not be permitted to participate. This is for your safety as well as out of respect to the other riders.


You can cancel your class reservation without penalty 2 hours or more before the start of class. If you cancel less than 2 hours in advance, a class will still be deducted from your account or, for unlimited members, your package will be shortened by 2 days.


Do you offer storage for my personal belongings?

We have cubbies and coat hooks near the front desk.


Do you offer child care?

Unfortunately, as we are a very small studio, we do not offer child care.


Do you have showers?

While we do have a very spacious changing room, unfortunately we do not have showers.


What are the health benefits of Spin?

There are almost too many to count! Here are just a few:


Indoor cycling, when instructed properly, is a low-impact workout. This makes it a perfect fitness avenue for everyone from the experienced cyclist to those with issues that may preclude them from other types of exercise programs. In fact, Spinning classes are often recommended by doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists as a perfect activity for those who should not do high-impact workouts.


Indoor cycling has been shown to enhance cardiovascular fitness, mood, memory, and muscle tone. Various muscle groups are engaged including quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, hips and abdominal muscles. This leads to improved strength, power and endurance. You can also expect to burn approximately 400-800 calories in a single class, depending on a number of factors, including intensity.




Our building is in the Morristown Train Station Parking Lot.
Click here for photos/map.

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