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First Spin Class? Here's Your One Goal.

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

Are you considering trying an indoor cycling class for the first time, but feeling a bit intimidated? Don't fret; there's nothing to fear. That's because in your first ride, you should have one goal, and one goal only:

Get acquainted with the bike.

Arrive at SimplyCycle 15-20 minutes early and one of our experienced instructors will explain the bike to you. They'll also help adjust your seat and handlebars so your ride is comfortable and efficient. After that, don't worry about getting in a hard workout, even if you do other types of exercise regularly. First, be patient with yourself as you get used to working with new equipment. Focus on smooth, controlled pedaling and how it feels to ride with different levels of resistance. You should try to follow along with the instructor at a lower intensity, but don't worry about executing every movement or drill. Go at your own pace and if something doesn't feel right, save it for another class. If you come back regularly, you'll soon develop your confidence and form; that's when you can start to push a little harder.

For more broad information on what to expect from an indoor cycling class, we recommend checking out this thorough and informative article: What to Expect from a Spinning Class

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