wanda • owner / instructor

Wanda attended indoor cycling classes for years at various facilities​ before starting SimplyCycle. Over that time, she learned proper form and sound training techniques from a select few instructors. However, too consistently she found herself also encountering cancelled or late classes, sub-par instruction that was less than motivating, poor sound quality, and bikes that weren’t maintained. From the inception of SimplyCycle, she's been committed to making it a place that she herself would appreciate as an avid indoor cyclist.

A great ride helps Wanda conquer anything the day happens to throw at her. With top certified instructors, an amazing sound system, well-maintained bikes, and a warm and welcoming studio, she knows SimplyCycle can make each and every rider feel the same way when they walk out the door!

sue • instructor

Sue has been a certified fitness instructor and enthusiast for over 30 years.  She teaches various formats, always with a positive and energetic style. She motivates her students by showing them “movement” in fun and dynamic ways.  Her new journey is working with those that suffer from Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis to share knowledge about how continuous movement can make a positive impact by enhancing their daily living.  

caitlin • instructor

When Caitlin's friends convinced her to try a Spin® class back in 2006, she was immediately hooked on the high energy workout -- and she's been Spinning® ever since! Caitlin became a certified Spin® instructor in June 2018 through Mad Dogg Athletics® and loves to include new music in her classes. She hopes you leave her class with a smile and feeling accomplished for all your hard work. When Caitlin isn't Spinning®, she loves to cook!

erin • instructor

Erin's been obsessed with Spin® since her very first class. She loved every aspect of indoor cycling so much that she became a certified instructor. She believes we do something great for our minds and bodies every time we get on the bike. As an instructor, she hopes to inspire in her riders a passion for fitness and an active, healthy lifestyle. Erin comes from a competitive running background and has completed a marathon, several half marathons, a triathlon, numerous mud runs, and regularly competes in local 5k and 10k road races.


Erin strives to create a therapeutic and uplifting experience with each class. Her goal every week is to lead an exciting, challenging workout where everyone motivates each other to become stronger individuals -- all while having fun at the same time!

paulene • instructor

Paulene was born in Scotland, became a certified group fitness instructor in 1997, and moved to NJ with her husband and daughter in 2005. She was certified to instruct Spin® by Mad Dogg Athletics® in 2007, and has since worked her way up to become a Level 3 instructor. She's also certified to lead TRX classes. Paulene is passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals, and enjoys being physically active herself through cycling, strength training, boxing, and a hot vinyasa yoga practice.


Paulene's classes are both fun and challenging. Her music: eclectic and playful. She focuses on form and breathing, helping to tap into the mind-body connection and find a sense of space, mental clarity, and light.